We are offering affordable and high-quality Vinyl flooring

Here at Humayun Interiors, we offer a wide variety of Vinyl no-wax, Urethane, and enhanced urethane finishes. We pride ourselves on providing the most affordable vinyl flooring across the board. We have built a fast network service enabling us to deliver our products nationwide, next day. Humayun Interiors trades in affordable and high-quality PVC Vinyl Plank in Pakistan.

Moreover, Vinyl flooring can be conveniently installed over concrete, hardwood, and plywood. The installation process is also conducive because PVC Vinyl Plank in Pakistan can be set up via peel and stick vinyl, unlike other flooring materials. Buy Vinyl Flooring in Pakistan only at Humayun Interiors for availing of all sorts of convenience and quality.

You can choose safety flooring tends to be installed in commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc., simply because it is incredibly hard-wearing, allowing it to sustain its looks despite the massive traffic.

Vinyl Tiles are growing more and more successful; they are individual planks in both wood and stone effects; once laid, luxury vinyl tiles have a remarkable resemblance to the actual natural product.


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